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Experimental Free Trade Area of ​​Foreign Investment Access to special measures to control the negative list (b)

05 Dec, 2016

First, the air transport industry, agency services, handling and control communications and departure control system services, unit load devices management services, passenger and baggage services, cargo and mail services, bang machine services, aircraft serving the seven, in addition to Hong Kong Macau can set up wholly-owned, investors in other countries must be taken to establish a joint venture cooperation; civil airport construction, China must be controlled;

Second, water transport, water transport domestic investment business in China must be Chinese holdings, investment regular and irregular international naval operations must be joint cooperation; international shipping agency business in public, foreign investment ratio does not exceed 51%; the investment must be controlled by Chinese shipping agency ;

Third, in agriculture, investment in planting farming must take the form of joint ventures;

Fourth, investment edible oil processing, must be controlled by Chinese party; rice, flour processing is restricted investments;

V. Investment automobile, special purpose vehicles, farm vehicles production, China's ratio can not be less than 50%.